Frequently asked questions, answered

What is Job4Writers?

Job4Writers.com is an online academic writing service providing help to busy students with all types of homework assignments: from 5-paragraph essays, research papers, PP presentations and reports - to theses and dissertations.

As an intermediary between customers and freelance writers fulfilling their assignments, our job is to guarantee the quality of service, timely payments and constant flow of new orders.

What types of writing assignments do you offer?

The most popular types of assignments ordered through our service are research papers, term papers, case studies, reports, Power Point presentations, as well as proofreading and editing services. Each writer may choose an assignment based on his/her field of expertise, deadline set and reward offered. The choice of assignment topics ranges from Business, Education, HR Management, Law, Biology and English - to Accounting, History, IT, Religion & Theology, Political Science, Marketing and Management.

What are the benefits of working for Job4Writers?

  • Flexible hours: choose projects that fit your schedule and adjust your workload on the go.
  • Competitive rates: mix and match different deadline options to boost your earning power.
  • Multiple choice of topics: you can select assignments from a variety of science fields and disciplines.
  • Access to online Help Center: we provide instructions and guidelines, samples, tips for writing, etc. - to help you become an expert in this job.
  • Live support: our support agents are available 24x7 to assist you with any issues, questions or concerns about using our service.

What are the requirements for getting hired?

  • Advanced level of written English - is the first and foremost requierement for a successful candidate.
  • Analytical mindset - ability to analyze sources and provide thorough understanding of the subject.
  • Knowledge of major citation styles - APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard and other.
  • Academic style of writing - ability to write clearly and concisely on a given topic.
  • Being punctual and responsible - ability to meet deadlines and be available for prompt contact.

Can I combine this job with other activities?

Since this is a freelance position, you get to decide when and how many hours you work – as long as you keep the assigned deadlines. You may choose orders that will fit your current work/study schedule or mix & match multiple deadline options to boost your earnig power.

Is any previous experience required?

Any previous experience in academic writing is a plus, but we encourage all prospective candidates to apply despite of its lack. We offer plenty of useful guides and instructions that will help you acquire the essential knowledge and skills for this job.

What is a typical day of a freelance academic writer?

When working on urgent orders (due in 12-24 hrs), you’re expected to stay in touch with the support team until your work is completely accepted by the customer. The non-urgent assignments (5-20 days) will allow you to set convenient working hours during a day or a week. We do not "force-assign" the projects without your consent.

Is it a seasonal work?

Yes, the number of assignments fluctuates every month. The high season starts in September and ends in May with a break for a holiday season (December & January). We also have less orders in the summer, so autum and spring are usually the busiest time when you have the highest earning potential.

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